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Code of Professional Principles

Our years of legal practice have provided us with a number of opportunities to improve as individuals and as a firm, always expecting to give more value in our work. We have learned to better identify what our clients really need and expect from us, working under a Code of Principles which is the foundation of who we are and who we expect to become.

We team-up with our clients.

We want to be a valuable member of our clients‘ organizations; someone you can trust. Each client has a number of identified needs, and other which are unexpected or urgent. Each one of our clients has trusted us, over a number of law firms, to represent their legal interests. Our work needs to be timely, and we therefore team-up with our clients and their needs equally become of our firm‘s needs.

We practice excellence.

We select our legal team on the basis of merit, talent and capabilities to provide services within a highly specialized legal practice. Today‘s business negotiations and disputes leave no ground for any underperformance, and our attorneys are prepared to respond to our clients‘ needs.

We fulfill all our commitments.

Each professional commitment we assume is assumed with compromise and honesty, and is timely fulfilled. Our clients’ expectations are not negotiable. In one occasion, a partner of the Chicago office of an important global law firm called our Managing Partner to congratulate him on his professional honesty and compromise, after our Managing Partner had informed him that due to the excessive firm’s workload at that time and previously existing commitments with other clients, it would be impossible for our firm to represent one of its clients in a major international transaction. The Chicago partner promised to call again next time, and he did.

We know the players.

One of the advantages of being a small firm and having a close control of all matters in which we participate, is that we are all prepared to quickly respond to any questions from our clients and colleagues. Regardless of the number of team players in any transaction, all their names are familiar for our attorneys and support staff, increasing the quality of our service and responsiveness.

We play hard and clean.

We are strongly committed with ethics. We do not need to criticize or discredit others in order for our work, quality and service to stand out. We are skilled and determined to reach the goals we set with each of our clients. However, our attorneys are bound by the highest standards of professional conduct prevailing in the international business world. We do not take part in acts which’s legitimacy could question the names of our clients, our attorneys, our firm, and our country.

We aspire perfection.

Keeping-up with the everyday changing technology and the continued legal education of our legal team are a must in order to stay a step ahead in our market. We constantly invest time and money to ensure that our work meets standards of perfection in each case and also results in cost savings to our clients. This is a permanent process in which we believe in, and we are immersed in it.


«The challenge of deserving our clients' trust, and our on-going strive to exceed their expectations, is what drives our business every day in order to continue growing as individuals and as a firm.» —J. A. Treviño Abogados